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Weight loss surgery in Melbourne is not simply for reducing your weight. The treatment can alleviate, reduce or eliminate several severe health conditions such as diabetes and sleep apnoea.

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Surgery Options

Please see below a list of some of the more common surgeries for Bariatric (Weight Loss), Upper Gastrointestinal (Hiatal Hernia & Anti Reflux) and General Surgery (Gall Bladder & Hernias) that Mr.Niruben currently performs.

Meet Our Team

Mr. Niruben Rajasagaram and the team come with a wealth of experience in the field of weight loss and bariatric surgery. There is a joy that the team feels and shares in helping to create a smooth family orientated seamless journey for our patients or what we fondly refer to as our extended family. The commitment to excellence in providing premiere healthcare is upheld by a team of passionate and skilled professional including the option of being supported by our dietitian Ms.Steffania Basso and our habits/life coach program that is under the guidance of Dr.Monica DR. Ms.Iona Andrews our Operations Manager is the your point of contact in your patient relationship experience to walk with you before during and after surgery.

Consultant Bariatric, Upper gastrointestinal & General surgeon

Habits and Transformation Coach

Bariatric Dietitian

Friendly Staff

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Our Points of Difference

Mr. Niruben is a highly qualified surgeon and an expert in the field of Bariatric Surgery. His leadership exhibits the attitude of the team which is prioritising safety and providing premiere excellence in care and support as we partner with you in this weight loss journey. We walk hand in hand with you and support you in overcoming this chronic relapsing disease (Obesity)in a sustainable way. We prioritise your safety, celebrate your success and provide a community that you can link into that will be there to share your dreams and hold your hand.

Our Client Reviews

If you are thinking of this journey and would like to talk to one of our patients directly to get their perspective – Please feel free to contact us.

Break Free From The Old And Embrace The New!

We are a team that provides a premiere service with a compassionate heart. We support you in achieving excellent results. A one stop shop for all your weight loss needs.