Frequently Asked Questions


      The real question is which operation is best for you? This decision will take into account your own personal medical and surgical history in a detailed fashion with our team to come up with a decision that helps you get to your desired goals. In a safe and sustainable way.

    • This is not the typical post bariatric surgery journey. There are only 2 main reasons that we would expect a patient to suffer with vomiting post a bariatric. 1. Eating too quickly 2. Taking that one mouth too many (not realising that they are full / ignoring the feedback mechanism that they are full).All our patients know this and our team gets on top of this very quickly with the patients. We do stress if anyone is suffering with vomiting they need to make contact with us.

    • Gastric sleeve/Bypass usually involves 5 cuts about 2 cms in size. The majority of patients would not have significant pain, and would be up and walking day 1 post surgery. 98% of our patient go home day 2 post bariatric surgery. The pain that a patient usually experiences can be gas pain (shoulder tip pain-1st 24 hrs) and pain at wound sites (similar to pain you would expect from say a gallbladder operation).

    • This can happen if a patient does not stick to the appropriate guidelines for healthy nutrition intake coupled together with exercise. This can frequently be a result of a poor behaviour pattern or habit. This is one of the reason’s why we have a habits coach and personal trainer that can be involved with our patients.The focus is not just on the surgery but we want to try and pre-emptively deal with any poor habits that could potentially creep in and sabotage a patient’s journey

    • Patients who have a BMI of greater than 27 can seek a consultation for added support whether that be in the form of medication or the gastric balloon. A patient who has a BMI of greater than 30 onwards will qualify to be considered for surgery. This will be following a consultation with the surgeon

    • This is an operation that gives a patient the ability to battle obesity and reverse metabolic syndrome (Type 2 diabetes, Sleep Apnoea, Hypertension,Reflux, Improve fertility, etc) in a sustainable way. Our heart’s desire for anyone choosing to embark on this journey with us; Is to perform one operation that will last them a life time in battling and overcoming this disease of obesity. The focus of our team in supporting our patients is not solely based on weight loss but is very much based on stopping weight GAIN in the future.

Our Client Reviews

If you are thinking of this journey and would like to talk to one of our patients directly to get their perspective – Please feel free to contact us.