Dr.Monica Devanand

Habits and Transformation Coach
Monica Devanand

Monica Devanand is a Habits and Transformation Coach who is committed in supporting her clients make sustainable and practical changes in their weight loss journey. As a certified Tiny Habits Coach, she brings to her work of coaching, an understanding of human behaviour and the practical knowledge to help individuals make small yet powerful changes.

Whether it’s breaking free from self-sabotaging patterns, fostering a healthier relationship with food or incorporating an active lifestyle into their everyday lives, Monica believes in the power of ‘small changes’ being the solution to seeing lasting change. She equips her clients with a proven Behaviour Change Model and Habit Formation tools that has seen many sustain their weight loss goals and have fun along the way.

Her personalised approach tailored to each client’s unique needs and goals empowers each individual to cultivate their transformational journey to create a lifestyle and habits that align with their personal aspirations.

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